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Archive for March 2015

Trendy Themes in Romance

Even if you’re new to the romance genre, you’ve probably noticed some popular themes. Off the top of my head I can think of dozens. I think the most common trope is the “rich kid falls in love with someone from the wrong side of the tracks and reconnects as adults.” There’s also the “powerful…

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Characters with a Mind of Their Own

Several years ago I read an interview with a prolific author, and though I can’t remember which one, something she said really stuck with me. She said that her characters told the story… that they were in charge of the book, not her. Frankly, I thought her comment was ridiculous with a capital R. I…

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The Great Book Hangover

I have a hangover. But it’s not because I overindulged in wine, beer, or liquor. It’s because I just read a great book—The Deal by Elle Kennedy. A great book hangover, or GBH for short, is very different from the good book glow, or GBG. The GBG happens when you finish the last page of…

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