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Archive for June 2016

Interview with Deal Sharing Aunt

Originally posted at: http://dealsharingaunt.blogspot.com/2016/06/hanging-by-thread-by-jenna-sutton.html Where are you from? I grew up in North Texas, and after living in Washington D.C., Chicago, and suburban New Jersey, I moved to back to Texas, but settled in the capital city, Austin. I didn’t stay there long before I moved back to Dallas-Fort Worth, which is where I now…

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Hanging by a Thread’s Signature Cocktail

One of my favorite scenes in Hanging by a Thread takes place at a party where the heroine, Bebe Banerjee, has an interesting conversation about bourbon distilling with Jonah Beck, a guy who owns a micro-distillery. Beck’s interest in Bebe draws the ire of the hero, Cal O’Brien. Cal and Bebe end up in the…

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Hanging by a Thread Playlist

I put together playlists for all my books, and I really love the playlist for Hanging by a Thread. The hero, Cal O’Brien, is a big fan of indie bands, so I’ve included several songs from indie bands on the playlist. And an important scene in the book centers around a song by the indie…

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Crazy for Cars

My five-year-old niece doesn’t sleep with a stuffed animal. Her favorite nighttime lovey is a limited edition miniature Tesla that her grandfather received as a thank you for buying one of the first electric cars. She calls it “Big Orange Car” because, well… it is a big orange car. Big Orange Car isn’t soft or…

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The Life of a Late Bloomer

I read advice columns. I’m not ashamed to admit that I am insatiably curious (aka nosy) about the challenges that other people face in their professional and personal lives. What can I say? The letters spark a lot of ideas for books… or books that I would never write! Just a few weeks ago, I…

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