All the Right Places is the first book in a new contemporary romance series, called Riley O’Brien & Co. I loved this book. I don’t want to call it a book slump, but I have been reading a lot of 3 star books lately. Books that are fine and good reads and all that, but I just didn’t love them. All the Right Places was the first book that I have read in a week or two that made me feel the tingles of excitement while reading. And not just because the romance was great- which it was!, but because the overall story was great. The Riley O’Brien & Co. series is one that I will definitely be continuing!

The romance between Amelia and Quinn is so rockin’. It is one of instant attraction and lots of slow and torturous unresolved sexual tension. It was just so much fun watching Jenna Sutton draw out the URST scenes between these two. And the story is told in their alternating points of view, sometimes switching back and forth within the same chapter. I thought that added to the tension between them. Amelia is an up and coming designer and so far she has focused on accessories. She is just what the iconic jeans brands needs. I loved her secret plan with Quinn’s sister initially to modernize and revamp the women’s jeans. I thought this was such a relate bale problem for the company to have too. I feel like it is so much easier to get great fitting guys clothes than it is women’s jeans.

This is going to be a great contemporary romance series. You can just tell. The characters are all so developed and realistic, and the romantic pairings have you dying to read more about them. I love Quinn and Amelia. Each of them was holding back from the other for their own reasons, but you could just tell that they wouldn’t be able to resist for long. It made reading All the Right Places so much fun. Every time I turned the page, I kept thinking “are they going to get together now?” “or now?” If you like tension filled and chemistry charged romance, this is the series for you. I want more of Riley O’Brien & Co. right now!


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