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Characters with a Mind of Their Own

By Jenna Sutton | March 11, 2015 | 0 Comments

Several years ago I read an interview with a prolific author, and though I can’t remember which one, something she said really stuck with me. She said that her characters told the story… that they were in charge of the book, not her. Frankly, I thought her comment was ridiculous with a capital R. I…

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"Leo is in my flower shop, within touching distance. And oh, God, I really want to touch."

Tessa Lulach, Royal Mess

"I’m going to touch her, and I’m not going to stop until she either tells me no or comes with my name on her lips."

Prince Leo, Royal Mess

"Marco flirts with everyone, and when I say everyone, I mean everyone. Over time, I’ve learned his flirting never means anything. If he’s breathing, he’s flirting. "

Cassie Lulach, Royal Mess

"An image of Cassie, naked on snowy-white sheets with her legs spread wide, flashes though my mind. Oh, the things I’d do to her if she were mine … if she were in my bed. "

Prince Marco, Royal Mess

"Beck was more than just handsome, though. He was one of those guys who had it—that special something that made women fluff their hair and swing their hips."

Ava Grace LandyBarreled Over

"The media, both legit and paparazzi, had a huge hard-on for Ava Grace. And in that respect, Beck and the media had a lot in common."

Jonah BeckBarreled Over

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